IRAN Gilsonite

Iran Gilsonite is proud to offer a wide range of Natural Bitumen with a wide range of Ash content

IRAN Gilsonite

The careful packaging of your Natural Bitumen in Heavy Duty 1 Metric Ton Jumbo Bags ensures the least contamination is absorbed during this careful process

IRAN Gilsonite

Our Company proudly brings Gilsonite to your desired port in Lumps or Fines. Before processing it for size reduction from lump into powder form it is taken to a special site directly from the mine where the pollution is at the bear minimum. The benefit of our method is that there will be less contaminants which may affect its Ash content and endanger its greater qualities, it is then tested by our Quality. This extra care consists of an extra transportation cost to us but it is well worth the benefits it produces for our world wide clients.

IRAN Gilsonite

Only the best extracted Gilsonite is selected for our clients worldwide with an emphasis to China

IRAN Gilsonite

Iran Gilsonite has a professional team standing by ready to assist your individual requirements


Iran Bitumen Offers

SGS Inspection

To ensure consistent Quality and Quantity, we systematically include SGS inspection on all of our export items.

What is SGS?

SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Recognized globally for its quality of work and integrity, they staff over 56,000 people and function a complex network of more than 1,000 administrative centers and laboratories which encompasses the entire world.

Upon request for orders to Bangladesh we can offer BUREAU VERITAS inspection.

Should an alternative or additional inspection service be required such as Mitra S.K. Inspection or Geo Chemistry International Inspection, we welcome your suggestions .

You may visit SGS on the World Wide Web at: