IRAN Gilsonite

Iran Gilsonite is proud to offer a wide range of Natural Bitumen with a wide range of Ash content

IRAN Gilsonite

The careful packaging of your Natural Bitumen in Heavy Duty 1 Metric Ton Jumbo Bags ensures the least contamination is absorbed during this careful process

IRAN Gilsonite

Our Company proudly brings Gilsonite to your desired port in Lumps or Fines. Before processing it for size reduction from lump into powder form it is taken to a special site directly from the mine where the pollution is at the bear minimum. The benefit of our method is that there will be less contaminants which may affect its Ash content and endanger its greater qualities, it is then tested by our Quality. This extra care consists of an extra transportation cost to us but it is well worth the benefits it produces for our world wide clients.

IRAN Gilsonite

Only the best extracted Gilsonite is selected for our clients worldwide with an emphasis to China

IRAN Gilsonite

Iran Gilsonite has a professional team standing by ready to assist your individual requirements

About Us

Instant News:

We are proud to announce the integration of Iran Gilsonite into the Iran Bitumen IRB family.

Iran Bitumen IRB Introduction:

Iran Bitumen IRB , undertakes the responsibility of ensuring our clients worldwide receive packed bitumen of the highest standard in the industry by overseeing the entire process of procurement and supply; from the supply of steel to the mechanized and filling of the drums, to the eventual loading of the vessels. We offer the latest methods of payment to our inland and/or off shore accounts. Our corporation has the ability to generate drums, or purchase specially made drums for bitumen, making it able to stuff 110 new steel drums per each 20 feet container. Our company ensures efficient loading and prompt delivery of high quality drummed Bitumen, Poly bag bitumen or Bulk Bitumen on a FOB basis, a claim which we are proud to make.

We are Iran Bitumen Suppliers and Iran Bitumen Exporters with commitments to supply Road Bitumen to all Major and Minor Road Construction Companies in need of Iran origin bitumen for the construction of their roads. We are recognized in the Global community for our service, Dedication to our clients and our ethical standards which have enabled us to expand our International ties, exceeding our expectancy and superseding the expectations of our clients which has enabled us to celebrate our position as one of the Major forces in the supply of Iranian Bitumen with the brand name of Iran Bitumen IRB to distinguish ourselves from suppliers using our trademark.

Our mission is to meet the needs of our clients on an individual basis worldwide. The management and staff of our institution have years of experience in the Petrochemical Field and are in partnership with the most well versed top experts and advisers in Iran's Petrochemical Union. It should not come as any surprise to our clients and partners alike that in the Petrochemical Community, we are currently regarded as a major source in the Supply of Road Construction Bitumen. The Bitumen we supply is a product of the National Iranian Oil Company NIOC.. The quality of NIOC Bitumen is of the highest standard in the industry, and is most suitable for road construction projects and insulation. NIOC Bitumen has been tested through various test methods and has passed all the requirements needed to obtain the necessary certificates which you can learn more about by visiting our Service and Products section of IRB's website. ( There you will learn why NIOC Bitumen is regarded as the highest quality Bitumen in the market today. We offer this product with the best quality to all buyer's representatives and consumers worldwide.

To ensure the highest efficiency as a precautionary measure, when Bulk Bitumen is delivered by the refinery to our Factory and equally after the same Bitumen has been drummed our Quality Control department conducts tests to ensure consistency of quality until your Bitumen has safely been sealed in Shipping Containers.

Aside from supplying the most popular grades of Bitumen such a grades 60/70 and 80/100 our company has the ability to produce from the mentioned grades various grades of Bitumen inclusive of Oxidized Bitumen which includes Grades 50/70, 30/40, 40/50 85/25, 90/15, 115/5, and MC 30, and other alike through our sources outside of Iran.

Breaking News:
OPEX handles 20% of All of NIOC�s Crude Oil Production for Exports and our establishment is proud to share this Breaking News with our readers. ( for more information please contact us )

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